Lydia has lived and worked in her hood for most of her life. Everyone know's Lydia just about and she has seen it all. The area's history is firmly planted in her soul. She loves her surroundings and it shows in her work at the neighborhood dinner. That's where regulars started to push her to buy the closed local hip hop club. She at first treated all suggestions with a smile and a firm no but little by liitle the thought tugged at her heart. There are um
certain aspects about the idea that worries
Lydia. Gangbangers, mafia, dealers and...

  Than one afternoon stopping in front of
The Hip Hop Club Lydia wishpered
to herself...
"I can do this."
  "In this hood there's a battle of sorts over the hoods Hip Hop club. Between those who don't want change and those who do is one person who wants her neighborhood back. This lady is Lydia. Who with the help of her friend Ruth just might get her way..."

  Hollywood Tonight Productions is excited to present a great drama film and tv series called The Hip Hop Club. It's about a club, Hip Hop music, artist, friends, Lydia, her neighborhood, bangers, mafia and making things right for everybody.

The Hip Hop Club series is written by Susan Wincher and registered with WGA.
  Hollywood Tonight Productions are working with the goal of putting together a drama series and film like no other. Hip Hop is evolving like life it self. So shall the gritty, real life and sometimes deadly story's of The Hip Hop Club. Lydia, Ruth and Simone are family of sorts in this 'hood. Family sticks together, makes things right for their sister and brothers. Lydia's friends, customers and family put an idea in Lydia's earthly soul and it's taken root in her...

Update: Hollywood Tonight Productions is actively seeking a Director, DA, Producer, PA, Production Designer, Cinemaphotographer, Production Manager, CPA and more.
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